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Peeling "PRX-t33"

  • 600 новых израильских шекелей
  • Derech Menachem Begin

Описание услуги

PRX-t33 - peeling, aimed at rejuvenation, tightening, smoothness and elasticity of the skin - the so-called "lifting effect".  It has an effect on wrinkles, both small and mimic. Pigmentation disappears, acne and post-acne manifestation decreases. From session to session, the effect is enhanced - the skin is cleansed, refreshed, evens the complexion, the pores narrowed. The great advantage of PRX-t33 is that it is the off-season. Many peelings recommended using in the absence of an active sun. With PRX-t33, you can forget about this problem.


  • Beauty Hub, Derech Menachem Begin, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Израиль

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