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RF lifting

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Описание услуги

Radio wave therapy, or, as it is called, “RF lifting” is a very popular and effective hardware technique. It consists in heating the tissue structures by electric pulses in the radio frequency range. Collagen and elastin are proteins that form the skeleton of the dermis. With thermal effects, they collapse, turning proteins into tight spirals, which provides the skin with a powerful lifting effect. In addition to this, RF lifting activates the process of lipolysis in the subcutaneous fatty tissue. As a result, fat cells break down into fatty acids and glycerin, which leave the body without any difficulty. RF lifting recommended in the fight against wrinkles, general wilting, flabbiness, omission of facial tissues, fights pigmentation, second chin. The procedure itself is painless. In the process of manipulation, the patient feels only pleasant warmth. After the first session, you will be able to feel the result of the procedure, but the recommended course of rejuvenation is 5-10 sessions.


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